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The Chicago international household goods exposition

2013-08-24 17:17:06 Zhejiang Yifan Commodity Co., Ltd. Read

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The Chicago International Houseware Fair is one of the largest and most influential household goods exhibition in the world, sponsored by the American housewares Association, one of the top ten exhibitions in the United states. Of the top 25 retailers in the United States, 99% sent at least 1 people to the fair, with an average of 12 per company. In the audience, 47.5% from wholesalers and bulk buyers, 45.2% from retailers, the establishment of the international exhibition area has greatly expanded the scale of Chinese exhibitors. Our honored in March 10th under the leadership of Zhu Dong to attend the event, for our is the third time to participate in this exhibition, met a lot of Native American professional buyers, also absorbed into the product style and trend of some local enterprises, the development of our close to the international and played a very important effect.